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Grace Organic Farms is a certified organic 2000-acre farm nestled in the coastal town of Ekumfi in the Gomoa Amanful district located approximately 45 kilometers east of Ghana's Central Regional capital of Cape Coast.

Our mission is to grow nutrient-dense food for the local and export market. Currently Grace Organic Farms is cultivating 100 acres of Organic pineapples (sugar loaf and smooth Cayenne varieties), 100 acres of Organic Coconut and organic vegetables.

Growing acres of fresh, healthy food requires a team of people with varied talents and considerable dedication. Every shipment that leaves our growing locations represents a victory for our team and our customers. Our partnership across the region reflects our passion for and commitment to the sustainable production of certified organic produce.

Grace Organic Farms is wholly owned and operated by Rainbow Consolidated Ltd

Raymond Snowden (Co- Founder)

+233 (0) 24972 1167


The Precision For Agriculture

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Natural Wheats

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Fresh Vegetables

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Fresh Fruits

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Healty Cattle

Preserve renewable natural resources, regulate their use, increase them and promote their rational.


Modern Truck

Approve and supervise agricultural vocational school programs provide assistance and formulate.


Farm Plans

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We have a team of professionals, dedicated to providing excellent service.


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